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Grease adds a storehouse be issued to lower levels, attention dollar goes situat
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The near future, CBOT soja is in 1150, 1200 cent / bushel interval spreads out intense contention, the direction that the market is awaiting main area is how-to. If the market anticipates interest is much,American Ministry of Agriculture reported on September 12, CBOT soja price go up immediately raise, but report benefit much effect is ultimate the pressure of irresistibility periphery market, fabaceous price fell on September 16 broken oscillation platform. On one hand, fabaceous city main area is being delivered be about to stop dropping signal, and on the other hand, price of crude oil period falls defeat and dollar to go strong considerably still is to affect fabaceous price to take the crucial factor of situation. Tell from this angle, fabaceous city has quite " tree desire is static and wind is more than " flavour. Look from the technology, fabaceous price has fallen broken 1150-1200 cent / the crucial platform of bushel, nearly two days go situation is crucial, be like cannot regain oscillation platform, criterion last a period of time two years of much soja ox city are delimited possibly go up to indicate terminatively.
Main area is delivered stop drop signal
American Ministry of Agriculture the report September the beautiful beans per unit area yield 2008/2009 year by the 40.5 bushel August / acre is reduced to 40 bushel / acre, period end inventory maintains 135 1 million cattail beforehand appraise, advocate if the United States compresses,data is moved low. Sheet contrasts from data on look, this report neutral slants slightly much, CBOT soja appeared to rise apparently that day. The specification comes in soy be issued to lower levels the 1150-1200 cent of mountain of main dividing line / bushel place area, before main area of soja ox city did not produce a change, the market is seeking the ground that rise actively, of American Ministry of Agriculture report as it happens offerred such chance September.
Per unit area yield of beautiful beans of month of 8-10 of American Ministry of Agriculture beforehand appraise data and final per unit area yield contrast watch
Line of trend of beautiful beans per unit area yield
Be united in wedlock in last few years data of soybean per unit area yield beforehand appraise and graph of trend of real per unit area yield, we think per unit area yield of 2008/2009 year soybean appears considerably losing possibility is not large, but likelihood the historical trend line under per unit area yield (2008/2009 year is corresponding 41.8 bushel / near acre) , the beautiful beans per unit area yield that we predict 2008/2009 year is in 40-41 bushel / the possibility of acre is large, september per unit area yield beforehand next edges that appraise data is in us to forecast an analysis. That is to say, we think later period soja go up around per unit area yield continue the possibility of make an issue of is not very big. But tight inventory is basic the face will continue action at the market. Although because reported in September,Sino-US beans compresses the key of demand is low, the inventory of 2008/2009 year / consumptive comparing rises somewhat, but still be those who be in the history is absolutely low.
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