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Stretch tight seam machine the harmony of movement sending cloth
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Stretch tight the probability that seams the movement sending cloth with accurate machine to be able to reduce slip stitch phenomenon to appear. The main aspect that machine respect affects movement sending cloth daily follows the height of tooth sending cloth, pressure that control a foot, differential to send cloth, needle to be apart from density, use speed closely related.

Offerring this one main theory is: The stability of ring of line of triangle of curved needle the reverse side depends on the stability of movement sending cloth and those who carry line cam is correct cooperate. If send cloth movement to be not stabilized, trigonometry line ring can be out of shape or ignore big ignore small make machine needle cannot enter trigonometry line ring.

Adjusting the principle that height of tooth sending cloth should master is cloth tooth sends to want when should sending cloth movement to finish complete from return below pin plate, made the movement that seams makings retrogression must not have.

The pressure that control a foot should assure to seam makings the movement that did not skid toward handlers a side.

Flexibility seams makings or handlers greatly toward bosom lira differential should be increased to send cloth the volume when the power of makings is too great.

The needle is apart from ring of small triangle line small also, so density wants proper, and should not be small greatly in the appropriate inside likely range.

Speed can make too quickly seam makings hair to wave or pin influence line ring to stabilize without the foot that be pressed for an instant.

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