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Futures of Zhengzhou rapeseed oil closed considerably on September 18 low
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On September 18, after small panel height of futures of Zhengzhou rapeseed oil leaves considerably concussion drops, the horizontal stroke after sole dish arrange, dish close considerably eventually low. Brunt agreement to the limit of one's capacity adds a storehouse, receive long shade line.

On September 18 on Thursday, zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (CZCE) agreement of R0901 of brunt of rapeseed oil futures, open quotation price 8, 300 yuan, closing quotation price 7, 968 yuan, drop 280 yuan, maximum price 8, 380 yuan, minimum price 7, 920 yuan, clinch a deal the quantity is 89, 832 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse 62, 786 hands.

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