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CBOT soybean futures falls greatly, suffer bull to make the same score a storeho
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According to Chicago on September 18 message, closing quotation of Zhou Si of CBOT soybean futures glides considerably, because money market is turbulent, make buy the home to flinch, speculation hands in easy business make friends to make the same score bull place.

Soybean contract closed in November drop 0.23 dollars, to every bushel 11.16 dollars.

The beans dregsed of rice in December agreement drops 8.9 dollars, close at every short ton 313.8 dollars. Soya-bean oil agreement rose in December 48 are nodded, close at every pound 44.9 cent.

The analyst says, exterior market makes cereal and the central point that oilseed market personage pays close attention to.

Trade business says, because main area lacks new information,offer how-to, and buy the home to support wait-and-see attitude.

The analyst says, investor is right the interest subsidise of soybean futures, dish in, crude price glides and of precious metal futures rise to offer stand or fall for the market differ how-to.

Analyst complement says, short-term the weather inside is favorable to the soybean crop of center-west region late-maturing, lack buys dish of interest to make period price certain quietly is in average dish of level lower part.

Dealer of the broker inside field of a CBOT says, the near future is supplied close spruce still offer for the market with the uncertainty of soybean crop prop up, but in global finance queasy setting falls, if do not have exterior market prop up, soybean futures will be maintained hard go up situation.

The weather forecast that DTN Meteorlogix offers says, this week is terminal, the United States' mid weather expects general interest is beneficial to crop. Did not come 5 days at least, weather will be relatively dry, air temperature will exceed normal level, this is in to cropland after near future precipitation dry the maturity with crop is advantageous, terminal showery and main be located in ministry of Chinese and Western western area, but the evidence that does not have apparently cold weather.

In trading inside soybean futures field, speculation fund beforehand appraise sells piece 3, 000 hands agreement.

Zhou Si, closing quotation of soja product futures goes up drop differ, among them soya-bean oil futures rebounds tall, because nominal is answered,fill wait to be offerred for the market prop up.

Several trade recently day, experience of soya-bean oil futures sells in great quantities dish, bring about nominal to answer fill, and the beans dregses of rice / the arbitrage between soya-bean oil futures also offer for the market prop up.

The beans dregses of rice of futures of soybean of futures criterion follow drop situation, drop to 4 months low, suffer speculation to hand in easy business make friends to make the same score bull place to wait for be a burden on, but supply close spruce still offer a part to prop up for the market.
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