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Produce futures is small rebound, palm oil of soya-bean oil rape oil still weigh
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Dispatch passed panoramic net on September 17 acuteness yesterday after next defeat, produce option market rebounds somewhat now. Taste soya-bean oil, rape oil, palm oil to still issue defeat considerably except 3 lard besides, the others breed goes up drop all be in 1% less than. Drop exclusively now those who stop is agreement of palm oil brunt, but have soja, soya-bean oil, palm oil, cotton, rape oil again in all agreement of 5 breed brunt is achieved piece since 2008 of period price new low.

According to national grain oil information center is newest forecast, crop of soybean of 2008 year China will achieve 17.5 million tons, relatively on year 12.8 million tons increase 36.7% ; And this year China to stablize the prices during the Olympic Games, increased the import of legume considerably, these are right of grease period price go tall to form coerce. Crop of Malaysia palm oil also will achieve a history this year new tall, in a few month of the summer crop alternate achieves perch, at present the inventory of on the high side has made what BMD palm oil drops to 16 months to come new low.

And in pily respect, china keeps higher pily yield, and textile lasts low fan, demand decreases, accentuated the market is anxious to pily foreground. White sugar market also is similar to pily market, huge period end reserve, and the market comes out new year continues to increase storage capacity of period candy complete a business transaction, form complete sex to prices restrict.

Other produce market, home of itself of wheaten, corn supplies the pattern of summary remnant, will force its price to glide.

Even the beans one 0901 receive a reply 3890 yuan, drop 0.66% or 26 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 3274 hands.

Even corn 0905 receive a reply 1761 yuan, rise 0.17% or 3 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 8784 hands.

Dregs of rice even the beans 0901 receive a reply 3336 yuan, rise 0.18% or 6 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 11340 hands.

Even soya-bean oil 0901 receive a reply 7904 yuan, drop 2.68% or 218 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 15436 hands.

Zheng Cai is oily 0901 receive a reply 8170 yuan, drop 3.90% or 332 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 6524 hands.

Lian Zong Lv 0901 receive a reply 6084 yuan, drop 5% or 320 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 7318 hands.

Zheng hard wheat 0905 receive a reply 1812 yuan, rise 0.17% or 3 yuan, hold a storehouse to gain 2768 hands.

Zheng strong wheat 0901 receive a reply 2004 yuan, rise 0.10% or 2 yuan, hold a storehouse to reduce 4826 hands.

Zheng candy 0905 receive a reply 3251 yuan, drop 0.31% or 10 yuan, hold a storehouse to reduce 9354 hands.

Zheng Mian 0901 receive a reply 12725 yuan, drop 0.97 or 125 yuan, hold a storehouse to reduce 3252 hands.

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