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Grease continuance drops situation, palm oil drops continuously stop
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International market
Because financial crisis upgrades, evil consequence rises to surface gradually, agreement of soya-bean oil of Zhou Er CBOT drops considerably, brunt agreement dropped December 2.49 cent / pound. Soya-bean oil market dish in drop for a time stop. Global economy rein in may affect the dietary habit of overseas customer, global plant oily demand is potential rein in, this was caused to soya-bean oil market drop heavily pressure.
Home market
Market of soya-bean oil of Zhou San Dalian is small low go, sound foundation is smoked instead. Brunt agreement 901 8020, close at 7904, drop 218 a little bit, clinch a deal 627744 hands, maintain a warehouse 138022 hands. Palm oil P901 leaves 6174, close at 6084, drop 320 a little bit, clinch a deal 50172, maintain a warehouse 35654. RO901 of rapeseed oil brunt leaves 8300, close at 8170 bits, drop 332 a little bit, clinch a deal 72144 hands, maintain a warehouse 58054 hands.
Respect of merchandise on hand: At present domestic grease merchandise on hand was lost now " double section " demand is propped up, hit in what global economy puts delay pressure below, quote continues to drop, basic stop work overhauls oily factory, partial big plant still sells in treatment, compress at present profit is better still, partial oily plant prepares to buy new beans, dan Xindou price is higher, oily factory still maintains wait-and-see mentality. Quote of soya-bean oil spot price drops now, 8200-8600 of one class oil quoted price yuan / ton, 4 class oil quotes in 8000-8400 yuan / ton, the market clinchs a deal low fan, oily plant shutdown is overhauled, active shipment, basically give priority to in order to sell early days stock, from the point of the sale state that knows at present, oily plant inventory can be maintained basically at the beginning of October, partial oily plant begins to undertake asking price to early beans, hasten of whole of case of the market price after soja drops, oily factory, trafficker of short duration is not bought, undertake trying to find out the real intention to farmer state of mind only, sea freight price is reduced, cent of entrance wool soya-bean oil sells price 8000 yuan / ton, drop 200 yuan / ton, trafficker bargain clinchs a deal, the state of mind that enter town is careful, much with wait-and-see give priority to. Quote of haven palm oil follows dish continue fall after a rise, market shipment volume is maintained weak annul, stock is enough, air temperature drops share of market of limitative palm oil, and concussion of period price breakthrough arranges Malaysia palm oil situation, lower part space is opened, entrance cost price is in 6500-6700 yuan / ton between. Rapeseed oil price begins to reduce, very much oily factory still is in shutdown condition, the market has minim to clinch a deal, maintain fatigued and weak pattern, the market clinchs a deal delicate, colza buys the price smooth, oily factory stops to purchase almost, major area colza buys the price to be in 2.0-2.2 yuan / jin, give oily 34%-36% , the colza of 38%-39% giving oil achieves 2.3-2.5 yuan / jin.
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