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CBOT soybean futures closes tall, suffer circumjacent market to take situation d
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According to Chicago on September 17 message, closing quotation of Zhou San of CBOT soybean futures goes tall, because circumjacent market goes high and devoid speculation sells dish, the market undertakes making firm after the near future drops.

Soybean contract closed in November tall 0.15 dollars, to every bushel 11.39 dollars.

The beans dregsed of rice in December agreement rises 3.2 dollars, close at every short ton 322.7 dollars. Soya-bean oil agreement rose in December 35 are nodded, close at every pound 44.42 cent.

The analyst says, the market has been been in super- sell position, futures of crude price Pansheng and precious metal picks up your investor return market.

Analyst complement says, the dollar goes weak also is another the element of worry of money market of quits whole world, supply close spruce and 2008 the uncertainty of soybean crop also price of by a definite date is offerred help strength.

Dish first, the market rises drop differ, near future market drops make buy dish of interest to suffer be restricted, but of commodity market buy dish of whole to restore, final return averages period price dish of level upper part.

Weather serves the weather forecast that orgnaization DTN Meteorlogix offers to say, ministry of this Chinese and Western of week United States will be relatively dry, after this will encounter heavy rain to cropland near future dry and advantageous, conduce to prospect of promotion crop crop.

Weather forecast still shows makings of ministry of American Chinese and Western won't appear next week frost weather, this also means American jade belt to be in frost won't was faced with to browbeat before end in September. Air temperature will is close to or prep above is normal level.

The Ministry of Agriculture will announce Zhou Simei country Zhou Du exports a sale report, the analyst predicts the United States up to when Zhou Dadou exit sale expected on September 11 for 200, 000 - 600, 000 tons, the beans dregses of rice exit sale makings is 50, 000 - 130, 000 tons, and soya-bean oil exports sale makings to be in 0 - 10, 000 tons.

In trading inside soybean futures field, beforehand appraise speculation fund is bought about 4, 000 hands agreement.

Zhou San, before Yi Zizhi of soja product futures drop pick up blandly in situation. The analyst says, crude oil futures picks up and of commodity market whole dish rectify situation your market look forward to is firm.

Trade dealer shows, the beans dregses of rice supply hasten to tighten continue to be offerred for the market prop up, and soya-bean oil futures also gets technical buy dish prop up.

Beforehand appraise soybean futures clinchs a deal the quantity is 167, 102 hands, the beans dregses of rice futures clinchs a deal quantity appraise is 42, 735 hands, soya-bean oil futures clinchs a deal quantity appraise is 59, 972 hands.

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