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Futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool closes to low of nearly 18 months, spot
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According to kuala lumpur on September 17 message, zhou San of futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool closes low 3.8% , successive the 3rd day closes low, suffer new cash settle to hit pressure, spot market appears phenomenon of much break a promise.

BMD is fiducial contract of wool palm oil closed in December low 80 your auspicious reach every tons 2, 040 your auspicious, for level of lowest of nearly 18 months.

Trade business says, in the past 7 weeks, the price drops caused beak a contract, price renegotiate, deferred add up to to exceed 1.5 million tons Malaysia and complete a business transaction of freight of Indonesian palm oil.

Middle east and China buy the home to violate approximate number to measure in what go a few days beforehand appraise exceeds 100, 000 tons.

When case of plant oil price steeps fall, the Asia buys the home to be able to cancel freight normally, with period with smaller price renegotiate contract.

The CEO of trading company of a whole world weighs kuala lumpur, "After spot market occurrence break a contact, avoid money market of futures of palm oil of wool of danger investor settle. Avoid money market of futures of palm oil of wool of danger investor settle..

He says, as in October / in November / the time of sailing date drew near in December, the worry of further break a promise appears serious.

Importer was mixed in March when April with every tons 1, 200 right-and-left prices are bought in October / November / in December sailing date merchandise on hand 24 degrees of palm oil, and at present the price restrains 700 dollars in every tons.

Trade business says, those palm oil exporter that reach lading contract on higher-priced at first are current besides it is beyond cash of BMD market usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, have no alternative.

One Singapore trades business says, "Of the price gliding considerably also is as queasy as money market about. "Of the price gliding considerably also is as queasy as money market about..

He says, person of fatigued and weak blow enrages global economy.

However, palm oil of prospective a few months exports lading foreground to be valued continuously, but the price can drop considerably, and price date can be revised.

Malaysia and Indonesian exporter hope processing are dropped record-breaking exalted inventory, and India, middle east and Pakistan buy the home to had be notted finish this year the major demand of the rest of time.

Futures of BMD wool palm oil clinchs a deal quantity tot 18, 106 hands, 16 of prep above Zhou Er, 473 hands. The quantity that maintain a warehouse is 57, 666 hands, 56 before prep above one day, 823 hands.

The palm oil of wool of merchandise on hand of immediate lading is newest sign up for every tons 2, 130 your auspicious, drop 50 your auspicious.

In January / in Feburary / 24 degrees of palm oil signed up for the merchandise on hand of sailing date in March every tons of 705 dollars, draw near case of closing quotation current price issues defeat considerably.
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