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Edible oily cost rises fast, hair change appoint agree with Jin Long fish to rai
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After the month on afterwards agrees with the application that pure milk price moves on bright, 3 deer, national hair changed yesterday appoint reappearance announcement, agree with limited company of the investment in beneficial Hai Jia to raise Xiaobao to pack the application of case of edible plant oil price.

As we have learned, edible oil is held for domestic packet in beneficial Hai Jia brand of ” of fish of dragon of gold of well-known trademark “ is possessory.

As we have learned, because international market soja and edible oil rise in price, drive case of domestic edible oil price to rise, edible of occurrence low of our country specific area is oily since this year the market is supplied lack of power phenomenon. Below this kind of pressure, a few big grain oily tycoons of domestic had launched production in the round, the country is opposite about the branch beneficial sea group, medium 3 soybean oil produce food group, 93 oil the industry provides allowance index.

Relevant controller introduces the Haijiali that occupy beneficial before this, last year the end of the year, because edible is oily,the trend that international raw material rises continues all the time, make the small edible that pack oily cost has risen fast, domestic packet installs phenomenon of occurrence loss of edible oily company. Group basis market condition, requirement place belongs to 18 grease to produce an enterprise to implement national policy measure, organize supply of goods actively, reasonable arrangement production moves, the product deserves to send, the market is current wait for the job with the sale, strive for lunar supply with all one's strength not under level of the beginning of the year, plan to satisfy the requirement using oil of masses through group sale channel.

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