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Daily 25 grams are oily: New standard of edible oily health
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Nutrition of dweller of our country whole nation and healthy findings report show, our country dweller is oily to edible absorb general excessive. Investigate discovery, at present the edible of big city average per capita such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu absorbed a quantity oilily to exceed 44 grams, this number exceeds international level far, meet those who cause a variety of chronic diseases such as heart head blood-vessel to happen if really ever since. To this, expert of domestic authoritative nutrition and edible oily expert all express, adult absorbs a quantity to be overcome with exceeding 25 everyday each had better. Consider to make clear, the peanut oil of 25 grams, no matter be,go up from nutrient composition, still be taste, colour and lustre, the respect such as flavour all can satisfy each requirement of people.

How does the reporter hold " to enquire the expert is informed with respect to "25 gram further, oil of 25 grams edible is put inside white porcelain spoon of Shang Yong, just be two spoon half. In addition, the sauce boat that we still can choose to contain scale will master dosage accurately. Also have expert proposal, in at present edible oil absorbs habitual foundation to go up, halve can be achieved basically with oil daily the standard of 25 grams. Currently hold the post ofheart and vessels of committee member of chairman of committee of experts of heart and vessels of association of Chinese senile health care, whole nation Professor Hong Zhaoguang of assistant group leader of group of leader of scientific research of ill prevention and cure, put forward health of domestic townsman nutrition clearly to absorb edible oil, want " halve to use the position of oily " .

According to Yunnan province nutrition learns clinical nutrition major Director Yang Zhene introduces committee, general grease absorbs modern overmuch, dietary structure is destroyed, measure plus motion little, regular meeting brings about disease of fat of diabetic, tall blood, hypertensive, heart and vessels to wait for the happening of chronic illness, and these diseases already had now low age the tide that turn. According to relevant data statistic, patient of countrywide adult hypertension has 90 million person, patient of disease of heart head blood-vessel occupies total population (the whole nation) 10% about 150 million, the world the first! And estimation of the first Military Medical University, china has 40 million above at least at present diabetic person, the world the first! Ministry of Public Health and China cure learn to estimate: China has blood sugar of 100 million people about abnormal. According to expert opinion, the excessive in daily life absorbs edible oil, had been China diabetic what with heart head blood-vessel the disease sends high is important cause an element!

Have oil less, have good oil even. In never be the same as phyletic edible oil to consider, nutrient expert discovers, for safeguard human body can absorb nutrition adequately, while the dweller is reducing edible oil to absorb an amount, should choose a few character as far as possible thick, nutrition withholds good, fragrance comprehensive high quality edible is oily. To our country dweller, better choice is to compress peanut oil. Use distinctive 5S to compress especially the Luhua peanut oil that craft produces, withheld the natural nutrition of earthnut in great quantities not only, and oil tastes sterling, fragrance full-bodied, the same amount that use oil can achieve other oil to taste the fragrance of 2 times above and nutrient effect. Already economy is substantial, delicate health. So, very oily real benefit is using oily " at realizing " halve not only, still ensured nutrition, realized a bottle to want to carry two bottles on the head to use truly.
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