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" palm oil " national level is released
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, committee of national standardization management was released " palm oil " national level. Law of proved recipe of requirement of quality of the term that this standard set palm oil and definition, classification, technology, check, test gauge criterion, and to label, pack, the requirement that store and carries.

The product of edible palm oil that packet outfit also appeared on market of Beijing of close period of time, look from the price, palm oil slightly under other edible oily breed. In Beijing home Le Fuchao city visits Beijing shop, the reporter sees 5 litres install peanut oil price to be in more 100 yuan of above, price of the corn oil that packs likewise, sunflower seed oil is 889 yuan, and the price of palm oil of 5 litres of outfit of some brand still is less than 70 yuan. Because palm oil is not oil of our country traditional edible, a lot of customer are newer to it. With respect to the relevant circumstance of palm oil, former " Chinese grease " science of grease of Xi'an of bureau of reserve of commissariat of magazine company president, country studies designing institute Jiang Xinzheng's senior engineer accepted our newspaper reporter interview.

The origin of palm oil

Jiang Xinzheng tells our newspaper the reporter, palm oil is one kind is called " ElaeisGuineensis " the production in the fructification of the fruiter comes out, the country of origin of palm oil is in African Guinea western the coast. Be gone to by the introduction along equatorial region after 15 centuries other Africa area, southeast Asia and latin america. When oil palm passed into Malaysia 1870, be regarded as only one kind views and admire sexual plant, the ability when 1917 begins first time commerce to cultivate. In 20 centuries 60 time, crop of Malaysia palm oil has bigger rise. Malaysia already became the biggest palm oil production on the world and exit state nowadays, palm oil already occupied the 10 % above of Malaysia economy total production value. The last few years, palm oil industry of Indonesia also got rapid development, its crop and export volume are next to Malaysia.

The oil that presses crush out by palmy pulp calls palm oil (PalmOil) , and the oil of nutlet pressing crush out calls palm kernel oil (PalmKernelOil) , two kinds of oily composition are very different. Palm oil basically contains palmy acid (C16) with oleic acid (C18) fatty acid of two kinds of prevailing, the saturated degree of palm oil is 50 % about; Palm kernel oil basically contains bay acid (C12) , saturated degree amounts to 80 % above. The crude oil that the palm oil that says on the tradition points to to palmy pulp presses crush out only (CrudePalm Oil, CPO) with refined oil (RefinedPalm Oil, RPO) , do not include palm kernel oil.

Palm oil is used extensively at cooking and food manufacturing industry on the world, can replace other oil partly, be like seed of soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oily, coconut oil, lardy wait with bovine oil, oil of edible be treatinged as, frying oil, butterine will use. With other edible oil, palm oil is digested easily, absorb.
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