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Edible oil new standard: Craft, raw material becomes attention heat
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Recently, attentive consumer shops to the market or supermarket when, on the shell that can discover the edible on goods shelves is oily many a little label, whether to contain to the product above turn gene composition and manufacturing technology undertook those who make clear tag. This label can not be manufacturer try to be unique, come from national level however appoint the peanut oil that releases jointly with national commissariat bureau, soybean oil oil of two edible vegetable is mandatory national level.

This one new edible plant oily standard, already began to be carried out formally on May 1, 2004.
New standard not only demarcate the index such as dot of the acid value of edible oil, smoke, product of the edible soybean oil that put forward clearly still to produce a sale, peanut oil must bright the demand that shows label of raw material origin and treatment craft.

Of new standard announce reminded people to food especially the safety of edible oil and nutrition pay close attention to more, also reflected what the government counterpoises to consumer know the inside story to take seriously. Whether to wrap mount to indicate in edible oil craft category and turn gene composition, had argued inside the industry old. Of this standard come on stage, no matter be the safety to food and health, still be the protection that consumer know the inside story counterpoises, can saying is not little progress.

Will tell to average consumer, turn the concept of gene product perhaps has heard of mostly, but the manufacturing technology of edible oil these knowledge are afraid not was familiar with too; So this reads the label on can seem ordinary change, what influence will bring to daily life? Before the know the inside story in him exercise counterpoises, probably most consumer needs edible oily knowledge to gain ground. Compress, soak fact is different

Of edible oil new standard in announcing, made clear often by the problem of consumer oversight, that is the making craft of edible oil. The barrel that sells on the market nowadays holds edible oil, look from color basic about the same, if did not try to make clear, average person does not know among them difference.

Current, edible oil has two kinds of technology that make: Milling process and soak law. What the peanut oil of the great majority on home market uses is ” of “ milling process, and most soybean salad oil chooses ” of “ soak law. Milling process is to rely on physical pressure to come out grease from the depart in oil plants directly, whole process does not involve any chemical additive, assure product safety, wholesome, free from contamination, natural nutrition does not suffer destroy. Soak law is to use solvent naphtha (6 light benzine) after immersing course of grease raw material adequately, undertake high temperature is extracted, through “ 6 take off ” craft (namely defatted, come unglued, dehydrate, decolour, deodorization, de-acidification) machine and become, the biggest characteristic is oil yield cost of tall, production is low, the price that this also is soybean salad oil wants commonly under one of accounts that control oil expression. In soak process, the remain in edible oil is inevitable, national level sets, the dissolvent that although eligible soak soybean oil also allows every kilograms,contains 10 milligram remains. The “ in edible oil turns gene”
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