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Soja price tomorrow will show new change
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Soja of autumn of futures daily news, corn cultivates survey of circumstance northeast circuitry to ended formally at Shenyang area on September 11. After survey ends, big business place organized investigation group member to hold survey to sum up a seminar in Dalian, produce of futures of the Na Hua on the conference is senior analyst king morning had pool to inspecting the viewpoint of content and investigation group member, he thinks soja of 2008 year Heilongjiang cultivates an area to increase, northeast corn bumper harvest already was become finality, here northeast corn, soja always is produced under setting, per unit area yield, cultivate circumstance of cost, purchase and sale to will present a new change.
Heilongjiang saves soja to grow an area
The government thinks Heilongjiang saved soja to cultivate an area to be 52.97 million mus 2007, predict soja cultivated an area to be controlled for 58.91 million mus 2008, grow 5.94 million mus or so. Folk thinks soja predicts 59.58 million mus, grow 6.61 million mus than last year. Wang Chen thinks, "2007, price of 2008 year soja achieves the history new tall, fabaceous farming gains is better, cultivate passion taller, together with soja is cultivated reach results all comfortable work at mechanization, grow an area actually likelihood even prep above afore-mentioned data, overall predicting Heilongjiang saves soja to cultivate an area to be close to 60 million mus. " grow an area through inspecting Heilongjiang and Jilin province corn, he predicts Heilongjiang saved corn to cultivate an area to be controlled for 55 million mus 2008, decrease 6% the left and right sides, acreage of Jilin province corn is controlled 45 million mus, keep balance with in former years. Because Heilongjiang province accumulates lukewarm reason, of company of deep treatment of corn of together with place a large number of buying, corn acreage reduces scope lesser; And the gold corn belt that Jilin province regards our country as, add it is better to grow corn profit, sow an area so change is very little.
Influence of level sex weather nots allow to ignore
Level sex weather also nots allow to ignore to the growth period influence of corn, soja, to this Wang Chen thinks, can divide a level opposite to undertake an analysis for a long time: "The first phase, because go winter today spring precipitation is not worth badly, arid situation is grim before spring sowing, enter the last ten-day of a month arrived in March old rainfall course appears for many times at the beginning of May, edaphic soil moisture content restores quickly, the ravages of a drought end April removes basically already, achieve in recent years a best year; Subsequently air temperature picks up quickly, land for growing field crops only then sow period shift to an earlier date than calendar year 6, 10 days or so. The 2nd phase, enter the grouting with final crop period, come by July on August 26, nearly 30 days of occurrence high temperature do not have pluvial weather, aggravate of ravages of a drought, parcel area soja and corn appear " yellow foot " with phenomenon of root tribe leaf, crop seed bead is not full. The 3rd phase, enter in September the first ten days of a month, each district begins occurrence rainfall in succession, ravages of a drought gets alleviating, phenomenon of dead fry of soja of area of ministry of northwest of province of Dan Heilong river is apparent, per unit area yield drops quickly. Phenomenon of withered leaf of Heilongjiang and lever of Jilin jade cream-colored is apparent, but corn is in evening of form a vesicle basically already, predict influences of pair of per unit area yield are minor. Predict influences of pair of per unit area yield are minor..
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