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" level of oily state of nutrient aggrandizement edible " carry out formally
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Since January 1, 2008, " level of oily state of nutrient aggrandizement edible " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) carry out formally, " standard " in set the nutrient target that can assure oily character of nutrient aggrandizement edible, ensure edible oil gets nutrient aggrandizement truly, have the state that lacks to improving A of vitamin of our country crowd main effect.

" standard " ensure nutrient oil is healthy nutrition

Although in recent years the prandial nutrition state of our country dweller got very big improvement, but the micronutrient lack such as vitamin A remains our country urban and rural dweller the exists generally problem in prandial structure, begin by ministry of Ministry of Public Health, science and technology and national statistic bureau " Chinese dweller nutrition and healthy state investigation " show, vitamin A is nutriment of tertiary of rank of level of Chinese dweller lack. When A of the vitamin inside body is insufficient, likelihood happening is a few more the following disease: It is dark adaptation is decelerated, should use to shadow from bright place just can see clear object more for long; 2 it is canthus film produces the dry, inflammation, condition such as bate; 3 it is the skin becomes dry and coarse; The 4 mucous membrane that are splanchnic organ are incidental the disease such as infection.

Passing pair of alimental nutrition aggrandizement is the efficient way that improves people nutrition condition. Vitamin A is vitamin of fat dissolve sex, good in the dissolvability in edible oil, and the person is stabler also to edible is absorbed oilily, the intake of appearance vitamin A is steadier also. National community nutrition improves project group and argumentation of many sided of relevant section classics, it is certainly finally in edible oil aggrandizement vitamin A.

Come on stage this " standard " the order and degree that provided oil of nutrient aggrandizement edible differentiates, technical requirement, decide name of label of regular, label, product and bag ship be defeated wait for a problem, the carrier that regulates oil of nutrient aggrandizement edible includes the edible oil such as soybean oil, peanut oil, blend oil, sesame-seed oil, set the nutrient target that can assure nutrient aggrandizement oily character, stipulate the nutriment that adds is vitamin A, add a quantity to be 4000—8000 microgramme / kilogram, ensure edible oil gets nutrient aggrandizement truly, increase the nutrient value of oil of nutrient aggrandizement edible. " standard " the title that seeks a product even, label should be clear about palpability, strict according to the country the relevant provision of label, label is carried out. " standard " publish the rights and interests that is helpful for defending consumer very, be helpful for the development of nutrient aggrandizement oily industry, also supervise for the market at the same time provided a basis.

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