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"China is made " lead edible oil world standard
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“ Lu Hua does not let the oily ” that consumer edible goes against health one drop absolutely, physics of “ our 5S compresses the technology compresses in oily physics of a lot of edible obtained on engineering technology tackle key problem revolutionarily achievement ” .

The first month of son's eldest son of director of Shandong Lu Hua group was accepting CCTV recently completely " China is made " when column reporter is interviewed, when the attention that waits for food safety problem to edible oily additive, expiration period in the light of consumer, reply so. The reporter understands in covering a process, edible oil of China produces treatment property, had gone up in a certain number of technologies, reached international level, the technical innovation ability of Chinese edible oily industry ranks world front row!

The food safety problem that production ” of China of “ of CCTV bright sword creates in the light of China, CCTV " weekly quality reports " special program " China is made " , report Yi Li, Lu Hua through development, collect a source to wait for industry of food of a batch of China the development existing state of affairs of representative enterprise, with the fact the proof is on technology of the safety of food, nutrition, production, chinese food company is withstand test.

In the program that causes wide attention in this archives, lu Hua regards Chinese edible oil as the famous delegate of the industry, with its the 5S of original creation compresses a lot of technology such as element of mildew of Huang Qu of craft, anhydrous dephosphorization, purify, showed the real intention of Chinese edible oily processing technique with the fact again. Change according to national hair appoint nutrition of macroscopical courtyard public and the expert introduction that develop a center, current, peanut oil industry has made the sunny industry that oil of our country vegetable produces, the mass promotion of whole industry is very fast, had achieved exceed international even advanced level.

Safety is “ China production ” is thematic in recent years, as the rapid progress that China makes, overseas market still is put generally in cheap of price of Chinese product “ the impression of qualitative low ” . From this and ” of brought “ safe hidden trouble, led to the “ China that grows in intensity since this year finally to create ” safe crisis!

All the time since, the great mission of the consumptive demand that industrial bear wears Chinese edible oil to satisfy people to grow increasingly ceaselessly. Ten years ago, because of the difference on the technology, the edible oil that we consume is ” of “ earth oily ” , “ imported oil. In revolution of economic globalization, new science and technology and industrial structural adjustment today, the ethical edible oily industry that is a delegate with Lu Hua rises, chinese edible oily industry not only can be China and can offer oil of seed of peanut oil, sunflower wait for product of advanced edible oil for the world, the edible oil that advanced technology can assure to “ China makes ” more is on quality, the dependability on nutrition.
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