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Entrance of grease of bank of Home Zhang harbor measured increase sharply August
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In bank of harbor of electric Zhang Jia greeted harbor of Zhang Jia of new Jiangsu net to import grease height on September 8. According to Home Zhang harbor discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau statistic, august, bank of Home Zhang harbor imports oil in all 87 batches, weight 200 thousand tons, goods is worth 246 million dollar, import volume is mixed than July respectively the corresponding period grew last year 60.6% with 8.7% .

Bank of Home Zhang harbor is one of main haven that countrywide grease imports, the grease such as oil of coconut oil of oil of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of crude oil of soybean of main entrance palm oil, come unglued, wool, wool, flocks and herds, light diesel fuel and fuel oil.

According to examining quarantine personnel is analysed, the reason that entrance of grease of bank of Home Zhang harbor measured occurrence increase sharply August has the following 4 respects: In last few years, people consumption level rises ceaselessly, especially second half of the year shows clear ascendant trend to the demand of edible vegetable oil, and the tremendous requirement that oil of homebred edible vegetable already cannot satisfy the market far, this becomes oil of our country edible to import the dominant element that the volume rises; Mixed August this year was worth China to hold the 29th Olympic Games and damage September abstruse meeting, the number that see two meetings to China or travels is steep add, greatly exciting home imports grease to satisfy requirement; Home Zhang harbor is founding international sanitation haven to pass the on-the-spot evaluation of WHO smoothly first half of the year, make the whole world haven of first international sanitation, advantageous situation and considerate service environment attract numerous traveling trader thick as hail; Oil price was mixed June ever glided for a time July, trafficker lasts wait-and-see, make the market clinchs a deal performance is weak, international oil price tended August stable, occurrence price of individual kinds or types of goods rebounds, the market buys apiration to increase, the entrance clinchs a deal measure occurrence increase sharply.

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