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Weekly of American soybean association (on September 1)
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Census bureau is announced newest compress report
The report last week shows American census bureau, the soja July compresses the number that association of the person that the quantity is machined than American oilseed alludes in the report at the beginning of the month is small still, it is 3.79 million tons only. This one word predicts than the market low 27. Many tons 20 thousand, than last year the corresponding period is low 29. 9 tons. Compress the rein in of plan makes the beans dregses of rice inventory from 38 by June. 50 thousand tons drop 26 to the end of July. 80 thousand tons. Soya-bean oil stock falls from 1.32 million tons by June 1.26 million tons to the end of July. Domestic beans dregsed of rice July consumption is successive the 4th month considerably under last year level of the corresponding period, and July although consumption of domestic soya-bean oil appears 2007 - only month of 2008 sale year is the most rising, but still under last year level of the corresponding period. American Ministry of Agriculture predicts 2007 - of 2008 year compress the quantity is 49.8 million tons, make clear 2007 - the intense rate of state of 2008 year supply and demand alleviates somewhat.
American farm income approached 96 billion dollar 2008
American Ministry of Agriculture predicts, american farm income will reach 95.7 billion dollar 2008, taller than the 86.8 billion dollar 2007 10 % , come than going 10 years the average income of 61.1 billion dollar is high 57 % . Only cash income is 101.3 billion dollar, the record before predicting to compare what achieved 2007 is tall 13.9 billion dollar (16 % ) . Because selling the delay crop stock 2007 2008, the amplitude that predicts only cash income will exceed farm net income. Crop total production value (188.8 billion dollar) predict to will be compared 2007 tower above 38 billion dollar, amplitude amounts to 25 % . American Ministry of Agriculture says, 2007 end, main crop (corn, soja and wheat) the price begins to rise, and go up situation last to 2008 all the time. The rights and interests of farm domain is indebted indebted rate is rate and asset respectively 9. 9 % and 9. 0 % , this shows agricultural domain is in economically be in health. Predict farm total debt will rise moderately this year 0. 1 % .
2008 money year forehead of American produce exit rises 38 %
American Ministry of Agriculture expresses last week, as a result of tall look forward to of global produce price and demand is driving, this money year forehead of American produce exit raises interest 38 % , reach record-breaking 114 billion dollar, 2009 money year also will maintain record level. Because American wheat, soja, pork and dairy produce face bigger demand, american Ministry of Agriculture oneself May 5.5 billion dollar was moved on appraise exit forehead beforehand. This financial year will end on September 30.
American Ministry of Agriculture is in cast 2009 money first year when exporting the specified number, say, because domestic price tall look forward to, exchange rate is helpful for output of nation of exit, part owing beautiful and the demand to American product shows the whole world exuberant situation, because of this money year exit forehead of the United States will be in litre of 38 % was climbed on the foundation of 82.2 billion dollar last year. This money year agricultural entrance forehead predicts to be 79 billion dollar, 2009 money year predict to be 83 billion dollar. The agricultural favorable balance of trade this year will reach record-breaking 35 billion dollar.
Argentine farmer continues to protest governmental oilseed and cereal tax system
Because Argentine government still is trying to make new cereal and oilseed tax system, farmer already was pushed the brim that goes on strike again, exporter is very malcontent also to governmental act at the same time. The government expresses when taking move recently, if Argentine grain exporter pays corresponding exit tax when declaring outcome, so after allowing them to declare deliver goods period longer.
This one new regulation is Argentine trade office (ONCCA) announce in a statement. Current, exporter is exporting cereal of the 45 inside the day shipment after declaring and its by-product, in imposition of pay of the ability when actual loading. ONCCA says, if exporter shifts to an earlier date pay imposition, so wheaten shipment deadline but postpone comes 90 days, the shipment deadline of corn but postpone comes 120 days, soja and all other product but postpone comes 180 days. ONCCA says, this is adjusted aim " the vigor of the transparency that ensures exit is run and option market, prevent pay taxes spec and action of dodge a tax. Prevent pay taxes spec and action of dodge a tax..
Of new regulation during coming on stage to be worth a government to strike export seize a chance to seek private gain and dodge a tax. The government already took a series of move, the export license that before including to abolish tax of mouth of the v on November, grants, shut parliament of the non-standard processing factory that disrelish, account book that examines exporter energetically through duty Wu orgnaization, support investigates con accusation to wait.
Meanwhile, argentine farmer protests a government again, the requirement changes agricultural policy further, this is the government is forced to cancel open to question soja to export what the farmer after measure moves on duty to protest first. Argentine senate is in after the middle ten days of a month overruled new tax system with faint and most ticket in July, feiernadesi must cancel & of the Si Dina in Argentine president gram plan of oneself soja export tax.
Aidewaduobuci represents leader of Argentine agriculture alliance, the fight is far still did not end, because intense intervention of the government is serious,damaged medium or small the interest of farmer. Farm leaders hope to reduce the export tax of miniature generator. "Agricultural issue has not been solved, this one screen that produces at present just needs the obstacle that remove, " cloth at present says. "This (protest) contain admonitory colour, the indignant mood that we need him drain. We still do not plan to hold agricultural strike now. But when the strike already was not far. But when the strike already was not far..
The soja import volume August predicts China 3.7 million tons
Predict according to Chinese Department of Commerce, will 320 thousand tons of 170 thousand tons of soja of 3.37 million tons of entrances, soya-bean oil, palm oil arrived at China August. Department of Commerce announces in a report that publishs last week this imports a quantity to forecast, department of Commerce published a new report system before, requirement importer reports since this month his commodity imports an amount. Chinese importer returns a report to say, will soja of 2.48 million tons of entrances arrived at China September, there will be 78 October. 560 thousand tons arrive at China. Imported soya-bean oil September arrive the quantity will is 21. 39.91 million tons, october arrive the quantity is 1 . 750 thousand tons. The entrance beans that it is reported arrived August dregses of rice to also will achieve 2000 tons.
As oil period price, soja compresses the quantity reachs those who speak a volume to drop, product of most big legume period price drops
Because oil period price falls defeat, soja compressed July quantity under predict and sales figures of a week export creates pressure to the market, the majority when closing quotation is great on August 28 legume period price drops. Scope of change of price of soya-bean oil period is very little. Soybean futures price dropped September $ 5. 70 for $ 489. 60, dropped November $ 8. 82 for $ 486. 48, dropped January $ 8. 73 for 498. 82; The beans dregsed of rice September futures price ascendant $ 0. 66 for $ 406. 31, dropped in October $ 5. 29 for $ 395. 51, dropped December $ 6. 83 for $ 395. 51; Price of soya-bean oil futures dropped September $ 19. 40 for $ 1175. 93, dropped October $ 18. 74 for $ 1181. 22, dropped December $ 18. 74 for $ 1192. 25.