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Week of American Ministry of Agriculture spends exit to sell a report (soya-bean
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Article China finance and economics - - according to Washington on August 28 message, american Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) is newest the soya-bean oil that announce (information, prices) exit sale report shows, up to became on August 21, sale of soya-bean oil of American 2007-08 year decreases completely 19, 300 tons; 2008-09 year soya-bean oil sells 300 tons completely.

Export lading when soya-bean oil of week 2007-08 year 1, 200 tons.

- - new sale- -

2007-08 year 3, 300 of 100 2008-09 year

- - clean sale- -

Gross - 19, 300 of 300 2008-09 year

Haitian 1, 200

El Salvador 700

Canadian 600

Cuba 300

Mexico - 22, 300

- - exit lading- -

Gross 1, 200

Canadian 800

Mexican 200

Australian 100

Cuba 100

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