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Farming issue second half of the year to will support grain cotton oil to close
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Reporter of report from our correspondent of futures daily dispatch develops a bank 25 days to learn from Chinese agriculture, ended a few days ago farming issue meeting of countrywide branch president to go up, farming issue president Zheng Hui to arrange disposition key of second half of the year works, he asks various travel continues to carry out a country seriously what macroscopical adjusting control and new rural area build is big politics guiding principle, do oil of cotton of good support grain to close store wait for the job.

How does Zheng Hui say, credit respect is bought in grain cotton oil, want to carry out national commissariat to buy policy and head office to concern a provision seriously, had done before borrowing, the work that shifts each medium, link after borrowing. Support grain cotton oil to lay in energetically, sell area and area of balance of produce and sale to go each, active support place increases commissariat reserve. Support grain cotton oil to buy energetically, do oil of good autumn grain to buy credit to intend the work ahead of schedule; Buy to 2008 year cotton, should implement loan strictly upper limit and buy price cordon policy, key support fights the spin company with risk strong capability and large cotton current business is bought, develop its to be mixed in the backbone in pily industry catenary advocate channel action. Ensure the cash reserve in a bank that buys busy season is supplied, pursue the kind of blame cash settle accounts such as the bank on card of peony golden hill and net actively, reduce cash to supply pressure. Want to cooperate actively to had done the food stock September to be checked greatly, cogent accomplish Zhang solid conform to.

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