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Soja industry association innovates mechanism of system of industrialization of
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On July 26, association of Chinese soja industry 3 times standing board is held in Chinese agriculture academy of sciences, chairman of luck of 10 thousand treasure moderates, the key on the conference innovates with respect to soja industrialization system and mechanism pilot problem made development discussion.

Luck of 10 thousand treasure says, chinese soja industry lags behind, the key depends on " farmer in a state of disunity, company an isolated force fights " the development tide of unifinication of traditional system and globalization of current world economy, industry does not suit. Want to revitalize Chinese soja industry, cannot adopt the measure of patch up, must innovate from system and mechanism proceed with, walk along agricultural dimensions to change, specialization, the contemporary agriculture way of standardization, industrialization, do not reform innovation to cannot dig manufacturing latent capacity, do not reform innovation to use modern science and technology impossibly to improve agricultural productivity, do not reform innovation fabaceous farming and enterprise cannot form resultant force, the blame that cannot develop our country to have turns the advantage of gene, green, organic soja, cannot form the competitive resultant force of market of occupational high end.

Luck of 10 thousand treasure expresses, chinese soybean production is current although existing,farmer is managed dispersedly, soja is mixed close mix put, manufacturing cost is high, commodity quality is poor, economic benefits is low and main problem, but the angle that innovates from reform looks, these are the places of development latent capacity of soja industry. Want policy correct only, innovation system and mechanism, rise farmer organization, make farmer and soja treatment company carry a hand to enter the market, chinese soja industry is big still hopeful.

As we have learned, soja industrialization system and mechanism innovation are pilot the core problem that should solve is the competition ability that enhances fabaceous farming, enterprise to go up in the international market, assure the profit with fabaceous farming and respective and reasonable enterprise, make sure the duty special skill with fabaceous farming, enterprise, respective government is developed. Rely on new mechanism, make manufacturing cost is reduced, per unit area yield rises, current link shortens; Want a company at the same time managing purchase cost, assure raw material character, improve manufacturing efficiency, innovation character brand; Pilot also be helpful for a government be being fulfilled in the round give aid to policy, improve work efficiency, center energy to manage a major issue. Try name a person for a particular job this to manage with modern science and technology, contemporary organization to prop up, rely on market mechanism, it is ultimate goal in order to satisfy the requirement of market user; From vertical, horizontal stroke two respects promote soja industry the effective division of labor between each link interior and link and collaboration, perfect each link of catenary of industry of solid soja ceaselessly, enhance the competition ability of homebred soja from whole.
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