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Hair change appoint: The price intervenes policy will last
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The country develops innovation appoint announce yesterday " the government makes way of price hearing of witnesses " (ask for opinion draft) , seek an opinion publicly to the society. Concerned measure is specific, price mechanism mentions when price hearing of witnesses, ought to be in charge of a branch to submit plan of price hearing of witnesses and report of careful of price cost inspect to governmental price.

Proposal person can put forward price hearing of witnesses

About method regulation, plan of price hearing of witnesses can be put forward by price mechanism, also can suggest by the price the person puts forward to price mechanism.

The content that plan of price hearing of witnesses ought to include has: (One) the specific project that suggests to establish the price; (2) active price and the price that suggest to make, the unit moves price specified number and tone price range; (3) the basis that suggests to establish the price and reason; (4) produce the management cost, material such as financial management nearly 3 when concern with project of hearing of witnesses years with a future life; (5) the analysis that suggests to make the price be affected to economy, society; (6) other with the material that makes the price concern.

Hearing 15 service cost reported a few days ago

Branch of governmental price officer ought to is opposite in time the plan of price hearing of witnesses that blame cadre door submits undertakes the form is examined. The hearing is held 15 a few days ago, governmental price is in charge of a branch to ought to attend conclusion of careful of inspect of cost of person service price to the hearing.

Hair change appoint expressed a few days ago, will continue to push price legislation, make " antitrust law " code of form a complete set regulations, edit at the same time in the center of with local price list, define governmental price attributive and suitable scope reasonably with science.

The price intervenes policy still lasts

National hair changes appoint expressed a few days ago, the commodity that will continue to stabilize governmental government and service price, price of oil of strict control finished product, electric power moves full chain reaction. This imply although CPI amplitude puts delay somewhat, but price intervention policy still will last.

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