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Can city of the ox below macroscopical adjusting control still continue
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Today, inflation already became the mainest feature of macroscopical economy, turn over inflation to also make crucial macroscopical economic policy with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well. Below such setting, prospective commodity rises in price facing strong policy resistance it seems that. Adopt policy of a lot of adjusting control one after another as home, the money is supplied begin somewhat fall after a rise, appeared to the view of commodity market future then very big difference, so is bovine town leaving in current market to enter inflection point? Be still midway only merely a dak?

Well-known, because price of produce, food and raw material of the sources of energy rise in price,this round of inflation pays close attention to for masses place is. Rise in price to produce, raw material and the sources of energy the inflation that cause, it is to belong to demand to pull after all still cost advances those who move, the unable to decide which is right on the market.

The raw material that imports from the international market and the sources of energy rise in price, to our country, it is cost undoubtedly drive rise in price pressure. But, those who analyse international raw material and energy market rise in price reason, we also want those who see them to rise also is pull with too exuberant cosmopolitan demand move implication.

No matter inflationary reason is in, a when we can affirm basic fact is, the whole world is facing inflation. From this we can reach a basic judgement, this round of inflation is not our country place is peculiar, it is a cosmopolitan economic phenomenon. Accordingly, inflationary countermeasure also must all over the world search inside limits, rely on home to enforce merely adjusting control is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation necessarily. A typical example is opposite as the dollar namely main money goes weak and the be anxiousing that supplies to Iranian crude oil, make international oil price rises hard brake, home although consider repeatedly, but still must abandon price control very reluctantly, the price that increases finished product oil goes catering to the need that the market admits.

Actually this round of produce, raw material is mixed of the sources of energy rise in price, go up at all the demand that says to cannot leave an international market is pulled move. And international market demand increases, have the inherent demand that perhaps comes from international economy growth secondhand directly already, for instance raw material the sources of energy; Also have the demand that a few countries create of purpose, take commissariat to make ethanol for instance. By the effort of one country, the demand that controls country reduces demand of international market whole then, the effect that its have is remained quite finite. Improve the circumstance that relies on growth of economic high speed completely to fall ceaselessly in people living conditions what is more,the rather that, the government is control prices unlikelily and sacrificial economy grows, because of this home macroscopical adjusting control can advance gradually and won't radical.
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