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A huge sum of money of records of an ancient name for China goes the person reve
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Covert futures trades devoid capital is superintended whirl on the client 100 million yuan of Shanghai not to have open agent

Shanghai business signs up for dispatch had carried 100 million capital to run away as Yuan Feng of Guo of palm door person on July 15, profess " the function on the world is the most powerful Commodity Exchange " place of over-the-counter trading of commodity of an ancient name for China (the following abbreviation " China reach place " ) already complete fall from power. Once message of this heavy pound exposes to the sun piece, your market of whole heavy goods an in an uproar. This already ran 11 years actually long China is reaching place after all with what kind of to run mode to attract a client? Why to happen in later period again " give gold " difficult question? And why does him Guo Yuanfeng choose a money to run away again? This attention central point that a series of problems make people.

The reporter arrives from the understanding inside futures industry, many 300 representative is had in the whole nation orgnaization and 200 thousand those who register an user China reach place, have not hear of in Shanghai area at present have open acting orgnaization, but do not eliminate to a few private enterprises participate in such trading activity, and below the circumstance that rolled steel futures has not roll out, inside the futures industry of Shanghai to a few trade business is engaged in rolled steel merchandise on hand long-dated trading activity also already somewhat hear of.

Run mode fact to be covert futures

"If not be Guo Yuan Feng coils,the paragraph runs away, china hand in place to still should meet what run normally, although this is an over-the-counter trading orgnaization that is not allowed by law. " a futures trade public figure says to the reporter so.

Because Guo Yuanfeng had escaped toward the United States on July 8, its are located in Beijing on the west the office of center of annulus of north of the city zone also has been shut, the each district that dun comes to before China the result after personnel of orgnaization of the representative that reach place also can await Beijing police put on record investigate only at present. In addition, china hand in place to trade platform and company website also had been closed down by police.

The reporter understands, china the website that reach place ever introduced so when can be used normally China reach place advocate business Wu, namely China hand in place to offer electron of 10 large trades to trade platform, the commodity merchandise on hand such as oil of constituent iron and steel, grain, cotton spinning, sugar, metal, plastic, chemical industry, coal, oil and storage goods the electron with odd storehouse trades reach form a complete set to serve. Nevertheless, according to the view of orgnaization of a few representatives, this bourse is given priority to with the over-the-counter trading of soja, corn and rolled steel.

"Spoken parts in an opera, china reaching place is only exchange of storehouse of merchandise on hand of a commodity, covert namely futures trades. " in the letter is built cast Yang Ding of controller of Shanghai management headquarters to tell a reporter, place of over-the-counter trading of commodity of an ancient name for China is a company that pursues long-dated over-the-counter trading actually, this kind of mode uprights at futures and merchandise on hand both between, on one hand it is over-the-counter trading, but differ somewhat with the over-the-counter trading that money skill takes to take money single-handed on heavy goods market at present again, "It sets standardization agreement and bail scale, existing lever trades, be futures trades in light of this. Be futures trades in light of this..
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