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Cheng Liang oily case highlights market system hole in
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Financial times fills food oily industry in July 15 (Tianjin) the palm oil be related that limited company is suspected of acting guest of steal and sell storing, causing uneasiness in bound of whole foreign trade. Total value of proposal of this case experience is in 1 billion yuan of above, involve numerous aptitude the company of large foreign trade with good, abundant financing. Via moving check fact, hangzhou city quadrangle already received lawsuit of rise from all directions at present, peaceful wave quadrangle is received two cases. Of the total bid of company of 3 fall victim that sues in Hangzhou be as high as 140 million yuan namely, among them big loss is the biggest in Zhejiang.

So, is Cheng Liang oily case exposed in what issue to give? Is grain oily case filled to trade what to kind of effect you can produce again to palm oil futures in?


Although can says " countrywide grain is oily the first case " oily case of the Cheng Liang in Tianjin have not end a case, outside observer also will surely not peep its panorama, but from so far relevant report, we already enough finds slash survey, have an insight into the relevant influence of this case and lesson.

Company credit is short of break

"Proposal value exceeds 1 billion yuan " oily case of the Cheng Liang in Tianjin, expose those who go out is company credit to be short of above all break. Regard oil of country's biggest civilian battalion edible as one of business of imports and exports, oily company of the Cheng Liang in Tianjin is in " have quite inside course of study famous degree " . In addition, oily company of the Cheng Liang in Tianjin returns those who have Dalian Commodity Exchange to appoint qualification of library of complete a business transaction. because of such, the consignor with its contact with very put a person's mind and its collaboration. According to the report, consignor passes a bank to make payment for goods to the Cheng Liang in Tianjin's oily Zhang commonly, the palm oil that the entrance comes to is in charge of depositing by oil of the Cheng Liang in Tianjin, be in charge of selling by consignor again. It is just about in a such collaboration that are a foundation with credit, after the trading head that just throws company credit, the value that steal and sell stores for you several yuan goods in stock.

Market economy is sincere letter economy, the enterprise is the main body of the market. Trade in the market in, "Sincere believe and go, honor the agreement to be not violated " should be the basiccest standard that the enterprise observes. Someone says, company credit is short of breaking is the distress with market the oldest economy. Be in early 2002, had had such statistical data, namely a few enterprises of Chinese are short of because of credit what break and bring about is direct be as high as 585.5 billion yuan with indirect pecuniary loss, be equivalent to China year 37% of finance income, chinese Gross National Product reduces 2 percent every year at least accordingly. This enough shows company credit lacks the tremendous influence that loses pair of whole economy. And grain oil is contained in Tianjin in the case, the enterprise of fall victim is numerous, include to appear on the market company, state-owned company, pervade countrywide each district.
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