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Department of Commerce unscrambles a large amount of produce to import report in
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A few days ago, print and distribute of Department of Commerce the 10th ministry made 2008, " a large amount of produce import reports and information release administrative measure (try out) " will carry out formally at rising on August 1, 2008. For the understanding of convenient all circles to this method, had done relevant preparation work about the enterprise especially, we manage to foreign trade of Department of Commerce chief undertook interviewing.

1, ask: Does Department of Commerce come on stage " do a large amount of produce import reports and information release administrative measure (try out) " setting?

Answer: This method is we answer of domestic broad company ask and make, it is innovation of pattern of foreign trade management. Join WTO to transfer as our country period end, our country executes the produce that custom duty quota manages to decrease further. Face the produce market that opens in the round, idea of urgent need change, innovation manages mode. In last few years, international produce market is fluctuant and frequent, in actual foreign trade, experience of a few business international market are scant, information control is not quite comprehensive, order goods blindly and import, after international market happening changes, cause very big loss, still brought about many international trade dispute, expend a large number of manpower, material resources and time, a lot of medium and small businesses are forced to go bankrupt close down, be mixed to recombine by annex. In June 2006 portion, entrance of soja only month achieves 3.67 million tons history record high, because Guangzhou port is imported too concentration, dock jam, ship unload cargo is difficult, cause serious sluggish period, harbor of sluggish of business pay high specified number is expended. Additional, concentration arrives still create later period company must low sale beans dregses of rice, the loss is huge. Accordingly, a lot of enterprises are mirrorred to us, urgent need government and trade association strengthen guidance, build unified, authoritative, accurate produce to import information to release medium of communication, provide pertinent information.

2, ask: Roll out " do a large amount of produce import reports and information release administrative measure (try out) " what are purpose and meaning?

Answer: Make the goal of this method: 1, provide seasonable, comprehensive, accurate news service for the enterprise, reduce the blindness of the entrance. 2, those who be a government sector is macroscopical and decision-making provide a basis. 3, change government function, the pure management from before to management, service model transfer. 4, raise industry cohesive affinity, strengthen an industry to control oneself.

The meaning of this method depends on: 1, the innovation that this is pattern of management of our country foreign trade, reflected the change of governmental function. 2, be helpful for importing circumstance of whole of enterprise control market, enhance pair of market analysises, judgement and assurance ability, timely adjust entrance rhythm, avoid to arrive centrally, avoid market risk. 3, information " come from inside the enterprise, serve for the enterprise " , realized information to share. 4, be helpful for a government strengthening the market macroscopical and oriented, the health of stimulative industry develops.
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