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Chinese government decision supports energetically turn gene crop industrializat
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Beijing on July 10 report---Be faced with farmland to decrease, the situation of commissariat demand grow in quantity, chinese government decision supports energetically turn of gene crop cultivate. China to turning the research of gene crop already undertook 10 years, the scientist says to say this action will be helpful for turning of gene rice and corn commercialize cultivate.

Standing conference Zhou San discusses Chinese the State Council and principle through turning gene biology new breed breeds science and technology great and special, with raising agriculture to turn gene biology studies and industrialization whole level, can develop continuously for Chinese agriculture offer science and technology to prop up.

Chinese government net is published publish press release to say, carry out this one great and special target, it is the gene that should obtain a batch to have applied value and own intellectual property, breed bug of a batch of disease-resistant, fight go against, high grade, high yield, efficient great turn gene biology new breed.

The conference points out, "Special executive program matures basically already, each should clutch about the branch the organization is carried out. Each should clutch about the branch the organization is carried out..

China already was the world is the greatest turn gene cotton produces a country. Xinhua News Agency did not disclose the more detail of this project, include a government to will prop up what turn gene crop.

When the researcher fizzles out to prevent Zhou Si to receive a road to appear a reporter to interview greatly, institute of technology of biology of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences expresses, this is the after that studying for years and experiments, governmental support turns the policy signal of gene crop, say to turn the sensitive item such as the commercial use of gene rice return schedule.

Standing conference passes Chinese the State Council last week in national food safety extended program compendium, self-sufficient rate stability is in commissariat of plan general China 95% above, integrated productivity stability was in commissariat 2010 500 million tons of above, achieved 540 million tons of above 2020.

But analytic personage thinks, because year after year of Chinese farmland area decreases, because this can be passed only,turn gene technology raises yield. (be over)

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