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Export all up of drawback callback near future
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The hope of industry of partial foreign trade to exit drawback callback the near future may come to nothing. Li Rongcan of director of department of finance affairs of Department of Commerce tasted chamber of commerce of imports and exports in Chinese medicine health care a few days ago express on general meeting, the relevant ministries and commissions such as total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state will maintain the relative stability that exports drawback policy, the near future won't have new exit drawback motion.

As we have learned, from last year in July, our country undertook to the exit drawback policy of partial commodity a series of adjust, include to cancel 553 " two tall one endowment " the exit drawback of the product; The export that reduces 2268 commodity that cause trade friction easily withdraws tax rate; The exit drawback instead of 10 commodity exports duty-free policy.

Li Rongcan says, afore-mentioned policy come on stage brought about an enterprise to export profit to drop about 2.01% , because this near future exports drawback,policy won't make what bedding face accumulates adjust. Contrary, labor is concentrated model the industry increases a few proportion possibly still. The foreign trade enterprise that drawback of exit of support of part of this pair of instantly will come to to manage small profit is just as " a blow and a shout-sharp warning " , spinning look forward to is among them one of.

The near future, in the bookshops is rife the country will give aid to to spinning look forward to to come on stage policy, among them cry is highest is 2%-4% of exit drawback callback. Calculate according to net of the first spin, exit drawback is like a callback 2% , spin industry profit margin will increase 0.6 percent. And average sales profit ratio was this industry about 2007 3.97% , before this year two months are only 3.4% .

Li Rongcan discloses, key of job of future of Department of Commerce will hold a RMB to appreciate appropriately extent and anticipate, increase pair of superintendency that capital of unusual foreign currency flows into, clutch come on stage to receive settlement of exchange of payment for goods and defer Fu Hui to implement dimensions pilot measure beforehand to exit, enlarge an entrance and come on stage encourage entrance catalog. To this, hero of Wu Yi of general manager of VIGOSS clothing limited company thinks, finite to influence of foreign trade industry. "Have the company that exports right of administration to export odd pen kinds or types of goods commonly beforehand gathering is not met too big, the imprest scale that resembles spin dress basically is fixed, although measure comes on stage,also should be in control dimensions.

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