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Cooking oil: Policy within the disc under the control of the situation will c
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This week (Dec. 6 -12 10 May), the domestic vegetable oil prices outside the disk of center of gravity slightly upward, driven, but still weaker than the outer disk; domestic vegetable oil spot prices rose with the disk, but under the control of prices in the top of a clear policy , so the market trading flat, which led to three major oil palm. This week, as U.S. crude oil exceeded 90 dollars, and the market expected the U.S. Department of Agriculture report on the upcoming release of December will show a bullish and digested in advance, CBOT January soybean contract offer to continue to steadily rise, volume also will be enlarged, technical facie weeks is likely to impact on November 19 during the year appears high, but the touch and pressure to break up or down, the need news of guidelines. This week, even the plate outside the disk drive oil contracts under the 1109 continues to pick up, but under the pressure force in the policy control, recovery rate is still significantly less than the outer disk, a technical perspective, next week Xianyihouyang the whole is within range. Mainly macroeconomic data that is published in November, is expected in November CPI index of another new high this year, the market for short-term policy concerns to the callback, but the cost of support in the spot and the outer plate of the driven, long time, greatly to the Under the unlikely, but up there the top box under policy control, therefore, is expected to range-bound next few weeks will be the main trend of the foreign powers will continue to show weak situation. This week, oil futures prices by the domestic and the pulling, the domestic soybean oil spot prices generally rose, but the traders out of concern for policy control, procurement initiative was generally not high, the market has not significantly enlarge the overall trading volume. Soybean oil prices along the coast one yuan / ton, up more than a week ago, 50-300 yuan / ton. Because different parts of a larger price increase, the price disparity between regions, Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces higher prices; Liaoning and Guangdong relatively low prices. Traders are not enthusiastic about purchasing, shipping prices continue lower oil plant. Level of oil prices 9600-9850 Coastal yuan / ton, up from last week 150-250 yuan / ton; northeast inland oil price oscillation slight, a soybean oil prices 9600-9900 yuan / ton, up from last week 100-150 yuan / ton, the local oil refinery in the profit and loss margin; soybean oil ex-factory level in Henan 9750-9870 yuan / ton, up from last week 120-200 yuan / ton. The market has entered the oil business before the holiday stocking of small package, but an adequate supply of policy control in place, the market has little expectations for this next month and a half breakthrough in the domestic spot price of oil rose less likely, but the domestic Spot oil prices down the possibility of not large, long-term possibility of still higher imported prices. First, the market expects the U.S. Department of Agriculture is likely to reduce soybean ending stocks are expected on the future supply may be tight for the late decline in South American soybean production speculation foreshadowed. Second, foreign news, the U.S. tax cut plan proposed ethanol subsidies, increasing industrial demand for corn will further boost the international corn prices, the decline in the comparative case of planting efficiency, international market, soybean acreage would be inhibited, which is beans product long-term bullish fundamentals. Third, the cost of imported oil the chain order increased, the domestic price level has been upside down the cost of imports reached their highest level earlier this year, which support the formation of domestic prices. In addition, domestic small package oil prices generally stable, while the cost of soybean oil factory ring up the context of shrinking profits among traders, procurement initiative down. This week, oil prices in the domestic and foreign under the influence of vegetable oil ZCE Xianyanghouyi 1105 contract price, weight slightly on the move, a technical perspective, there is still down space next week, however, the current oil and vegetable oil reduced to the historical spread between the lower level, can do more vegetable oil by short arbitrage across species. This week, four vegetable oil ex-factory price of domestic pick-up in most parts of the million mark again stand for more than four middle reaches of the Yangtze River factory price of vegetable oils are more concentrated in the 9800-10200 yuan / ton, up from last week 200-400 yuan / ton, But market transactions are not prosperous, high-oil plant to continue to take reports continued to drop the policy. Is primarily a national rationing put temporary storage vegetable oil, vegetable oil market, supply of adequate and direct inhibition of the small package vegetable oil prices, shrinking profit margins due to traders. This week, following the Oct. 20 and Nov. 26 auction of 30 million tons and 10.4 million tons, average transaction price was 9,171 yuan / ton and 9,237 yuan / ton, turnover rates were 99.71% and 70.02 yuan% after; 12 7 months temporary storage of the Third auction vegetable oil, the number of 9.96 million tons, with average 9223 turnover rate of 75.6% complete. While under the control of the policy, the domestic vegetable oil prices is difficult to break up in the next month, but the bottom of the domestic vegetable oil prices also made it clear after three auctions are expected in the coming weeks, the domestic spot price of four vegetable oil shocks were likely to range. In addition, data from the institutional point of view there is currently imported from Canada and domestic rapeseed rapeseed spread to a new high since the beginning of this year, up 950 yuan / ton, at current prices of rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal estimates, if the order of imports of rapeseed , part of a loss of crude oil plant 300 yuan / ton, so the enthusiasm of enterprises decreased imports of rapeseed. This week, led the domestic vegetable oil market, palm oil, Malaysia Palm Oil disc record 29 months of a new high, mainly because the market for Malaysian Palm Oil Board held the end of November bullish inventory data expected to reflect in advance. Disk drive by the horse, and oil price movements on the impact of palm oil this week with 1109 contracts Xianyanghouyi plate, focus on the shift, the trend is still significantly weaker than the horse set, a technical perspective, next week's 1109 palm oil contract on the policy implications and the outer disk drive under horizontal vibration was wide potential, the center of gravity slightly upward. This week, and Dalian by the external disk drive prices upward pull of the domestic selling prices of palm oil port of a general rise in palm oil port 24 degrees focus on the 9080-9200 distribution price Yuan / ton, up more than a week before the 250-300 yuan / ton, Meanwhile, the market purchase and sale of the level of activity increased, mainly as the international market, palm oil prices, the cost of imported palm oil to the rapid increase in Hong Kong, inside and outside the inversion phenomenon is more prominent, traders and oil companies than in domestic procurement orders more economical sources of imports the cost of procurement of large enterprises in China rose, prompting increased market activity and the port of palm oil inventories fell. The next month, although the cost of imported palm oil to Hong Kong is likely to remain high, the port is not a lot of palm oil stocks, but sales of vegetable oil policy continues, the market supply increased significantly in the short term, and palm oil and soybean oil, vegetable oil narrow the spread between the temperature decreased rapidly, are not conducive to the consumption of palm oil, domestic traders generally cautious attitude procurement, purchase and sale of palm oil will be affected, therefore, expected to weeks of domestic palm oil spot prices continue to range-bound, a substantial upward down are not, the domestic palm oil prices will remain weaker than the outer disk.