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2010 Analysis of oil price hikes
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Soybean prices rose after three months of imports, the Chinese oil market prices ushered in the first wave of the year. As far as I know, because around the time the supermarket has different oil price adjustment, consumer prices did not go to the supermarket Buy, Hangzhou, and even some supermarkets issued a restriction order. 10 months late, Guangzhou and other cities into the ranks of oil prices. The industry said that if the cost of soybean and other important raw materials continued to rise, do not rule out the year Is the possibility of a second wave of oil price surge. Supermarket: purchase orders issued limited Recently, oil became a hit. Liu Hua Hangzhou residents suddenly found that poor quality supermarket near the oil to get nervous. Wumart issued a restriction that the supermarket, consumers to buy cooking oil must not exceed Three thousand dollars. Wu Mart Supermarket official said restriction is intended to control the influx of buy and hoard goods. Wumart supermarket cooking oil price adjustment due late in the China Resources Supermarket and so on, so the sharp-eyed consumers to snap up quickly. Supermarkets often am Puwan goods in the afternoon to find no oil to sell. Hangzhou, China Resources Supermarket person in charge said, after the supermarket in Hangzhou, China Resources is also facing the same dilemma Wumart supermarket. Later, China Resources bought the supermarket began to limit the number of individual consumers to purchase a maximum of 10 bottles of cooking oil. China Resources Supermarket in the "Arowana" second-generation general increase of 10% edible oil prices, after buying the phenomenon really was defused. 28, the writer in Shanghai Lotus Supermarket and found residents to buy cooking oil is still the main species. At the cashier, the consumer Zhang aunt said, "Now oil prices remain unchanged, component greatly reduced. The original 5 liters of oil sold 40 yuan, and now into a 4 liter is still selling 40 yuan. " Wholesaler: hoard oil profits Despite the difference in time around the oil prices, but the rising tide has been in full swing. Ningbo Trust-Mart stores in Shanghai responsible for further pointed out that the general rise in edible oil, including cooking oil, rapeseed oil, soybean Oil, sunflower cooking oil, peanut blend oil and fish oil blend oil. But the main varieties of cooking oil, soybean oil. Such as 5 liters Arowana second-generation retail price of edible oil per barrel rose 14%, 5 liters a soybean Oil up 20% from 58 yuan per barrel rose to around 48 yuan. Shandong, a grain dealer, said two days ago the purchase of soybean oil 5L installed, the stock price rose 55 yuan from 45 yuan. "This increase in the grain business for so many years I did Was the first time to see. " The face of sharp price increases of edible oil, oil pre-store shops and wholesalers are very happy. One store operator pleased that many middle and low pre-buy oil, the future earn 10% -20% at least. According to him , Edible oil has two characteristics for accumulation: first, the shelf life is usually about two years, do not have to worry about expired, and food safety issues; second, rigid demand, consumers will not buy because of oil prices instead of oil. Therefore, can take the time to sell the future, reap the benefits of price increases. Oil prices: not raising their prices to a loss A number of oil production enterprises, said the end of August this year, has obviously felt the pressure of raw material prices. It is reported that August 20 was a turning point, when the international oil prices exceeded 7300 yuan per ton, and soared to More than 9,000, has been stabilized at 9,000 yuan or more. Network from China oil data, oil spot prices rose more than 2% within a week .10 19, four oil refineries in Shandong Rizhao area of 9,000 yuan / ton; cut To Oct. 25, four soybean oil prices go to 9200 yuan / ton. Ling Tung Oil official said, "four soybean oil as the primary products, namely edible oil raw materials. Edible oil producer, after purchasing four soybean oil, edible oil refining." In Consultants in the food industry researcher week thinking then that the international oil price of 7300 yuan / ton oil processing enterprises is the breakeven point. 7,200 yuan / ton to 7,300 yuan / ton for enterprises refining costs, marketing costs, etc. if you count , Business is also part 赔本赚吆喝. Therefore, the prices of edible oil production enterprises is forced to move. Person in charge of benefits Kerry said that if the ex-factory price is still in accordance with the first half of the Arowana, sold a ton of oil about every 2,000 yuan losses. Basically in the food business Capital stage, because some low soybean stocks early. With the rising cost of soybean New enterprise to further increase the pressure loss. Benefit Kerry, China Agri and other large enterprises, insiders said, nearly two months since the company has been considering whether and how price increases prices. After all, edible oil market is highly competitive, with consideration people's livelihood Factors, carrying a banner for nearly two months after the lifting prices. Chinese oil network in the research report pointed out that China's oil market gaps, and the future is still up momentum. This is mainly due to sharp drop in soybean oil imports. Analysts pointed out that the first three quarters of soybean oil imports A marked decline in soybean oil imports if China has accelerated the pace is still hard to ease the short-term supply and demand. Released by the Ministry of Commerce in Hong Kong in September to 171,400 tons soybean actual calculation, the next 3 months on average to import 226,900 tons And last year. Director of Chongqing Shishang Wei Yu-hui grain control that currently only the first round of oil price surge during the year, oil prices once again during the year does not rule out the possibility of price increases. Because oil is a completely open market, Once the raw materials of soybean and other international oil prices continue to rise, then the oil producers may choose to secondary prices. National League Futures Analysts say oil prices are still at historic lows, now just entered the recovery of the Up period.