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China Ganzhou Hotels net oil online survey carried out at a glance oil
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October 26, the reporter learned from the Health Authority of Ganzhou City, China Ganzhou Ganzhou network jointly hold edible food and beverage industry use the findings of the first official survey in China, Ganzhou network publishing, Internet users with just a point Click of a mouse, can understand Ganzhou hotels what kind of used cooking oil, so that consumers know what to eat. It is understood that the end of August, a "spoof" forum in the web publishing industry appears the body of Gan County restaurant oil, "the body oil incident" caused county and Ganzhou, Jiangxi, the shock of food and beverage industry, Gan County, Ganzhou city center there are a few wine-scale Shop the verge of collapse. In order to clarify the facts, the service food and beverage industry in Ganzhou, in early September, Ganzhou Evening News sent a reporter went to Gan County, Ganzhou City-depth catering units affected by interview, Sept. 16, at great length Ganzhou Evening Journal Board of the "body of Gan County Oil Survey: people talk about rumors triggered panic at the mere mention of oil," the manuscript is also in China, Ganzhou network forward in time to effectively disperse the rumors, to clarify the facts. Ganzhou, in order to better serve restaurant industry, so that similar situations do not occur, Ganzhou China Network (Hakka Ganzhou network) together with relevant departments to carry out food and beverage industries use oil surveys, and monthly net made in China Ganzhou Bu once released includes the name of catering units, the use of edible oil varieties, recently sent to health department inspection and other information.