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Grease harden should help municipal plan to finance
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Prices reviewing:
Equestrian palm oil closes go up, over-the-counter trading restores somewhat; Harden of beautiful soya-bean oil, government sufferring the United States saves city to carry brace up, crude oil goes up to 100 dollars above to carry brace up. According to fund the report that maintain a warehouse shows, fund continues to decrease more completely hold. Open quotation of domestic grease harden, in a few days for a time be issued to lower levels, but ultimate main force all closes at harden board. Final soya-bean oil 901 close at 8180, go up 388 a little bit, decrease a storehouse, pay close attention to upper part 8400 around pressure. Palm oil 901 close at 6200, go up 294 a little bit, decrease a storehouse. Rapeseed oil) 901 close at 8504, go up 406 a little bit, rape oil and difference of price of soya-bean oil merchandise on hand are more than futures price to differ, to rape oil case forms valence to be propped up certainly, also only implementation of rape oil brunt adds a storehouse to go up.
Oil market followings now crude oil and money market take the change of situation, because American government moves to help city, a series of measure come on stage, market confidence is carried brace up, crude oil heads jump on 100 dollars, and harden of beautiful soya-bean oil is driven, domestic oil market is neat follow. Go up to later period the continuity of situation, maintain careful and wait-and-see attitude temporarily, whether can the trend of economic hasten delay restrain demand to still need to continue to pay close attention to. Below the big environment of economic situation, the main area that grease still wants finally to return supply and demand comes up, below the big setting that increase production finalities supply increases, the change of demand appears most important.
Other is basic face message, indonesian the palm oil October export custom duty continues to reduce to 7.5% , will form driving competition to equestrian palm oil. The data of orgnaization of investigation of Malaysia boat movement has shown in September the exit circumstance of 1-20 day relatively dropped somewhat in August, break a contact and come from Indonesian exit to compete to all restrict the export volume this month. Expect Malaysia palm oil will still bear spot market inventory and exit not the constant pressure of flourishing. Later period still needs to pay close attention to exit circumstance to change.
Home market
On September 22, soya-bean oil merchandise on hand suffers futures harden open quotation to carry brace up rise. Quote of soya-bean oil of wool of domestic Guangzhou haven reachs 8100 yuan / ton. And 4 class soya-bean oil reachs northeast area 8200-8630 yuan around. 4 class soya-bean oil reachs Hua Dong area 8200 - 8300 the left and right sides. Case of oil price of young soya bean of haven of Home Zhang harbor comes 8250 yuan / or so tons. Theory of soya-bean oil of close month entrance consults price rises to 8850 the left and right sides. Clinch a deal to be improved somewhat, trafficker trades to increase somewhat into city.
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