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Outside dish glide, soya-bean oil drops situation is more than
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Integration analysis, a month comes, of soya-bean oil of domestic tub outfit depreciate extent exceeds 20% , it is with the soybean salad oil of brand of a gleam of exemple, odd (5 litres of × 4 pails) trade price case drops to by 250 yuan of above of early days 200 yuan, and big batch order for goods returns those who have 4 ‰ to return profit. This is right " two " the psychological influence of oil market also is very apparent, makings of near future of business of oily factory, merchandise on hand will continue " tall newspaper is low go " delivery of cargo from storage is covered appear strategy, hind city should pay close attention to international commodity futures closely " Xiong Fu " the rhythm of oscillation, continue to hold oil of Feng Zhi matter period city meets rebound set protect avoid danger opportunity.

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