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Futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool closes tall 7.1% , the end drops 3 days
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According to kuala lumpur on September 18 message, zhou Si of futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool rises 7.1% , stop successive 3 days drop situation, of efface Zhou San drop entirely, in concussion nominal suffers to answer in trading fill carry brace up, and reached in spot market a lot of new 2009 sailing date contract.

Trade business says, after the stock market rebounds, a few trade business is answering filling nominal, build bull money market even, and freight is booked in succession on the price that importer thinks in them dispute often has appeal.

BMD is fiducial contract of wool palm oil closed in December tall solstice of 145 your auspicious is every tons tall 2, 185 your auspicious, round-the-clock fluctuate considerably, the quantity that maintain a warehouse is adjacent 59, 000 hands.

This agreement dish first leave high, but fail to be defended go up earlier, because more contract beak a contract makes case of demand a low price, the price is entered average dish of lower part, touch for a time 18 months are new low, the price rebounds once more later.

The amount of break a contact that a few days of middle east and China bought the home in the past beforehand appraise exceeds 100, 000 tons.

The CEO of trading company of a whole world says: "This is expression of a loop: The price drops initiate spot market occurrence break a contact, make avoid danger person in BMD market usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, bring about the price to glide further. Bring about the price to glide further..

Importer is undertaking renegotiate to price of close month lading, also be in at the same time try to book new 2009 purchase.

Afternoon dish in, the stock market rebounds carry brace up market person is angry, offerred the reason that answers filling nominal for investor, build money market of a few bull even.

Trade business says, reach with current and inferior value on spot market trade newly supported the market.

The CEO of one Singapore trading company says, in January / in Feburary / March the Malaysia merchandise on hand of sailing date Zhou Si of 24 degrees of palm oil trades in this year new low every tons of 690 dollars, FOB is fiducial, glided inside 3 months 45% .

"Reached two to trade at least on this price, involve company of 4 large international. Involve company of 4 large international..

He says, january / in Feburary / 24 degrees of palm oil of sailing date also had in March trade to be mixed in every tons of 697.5 dollars 710 dollars, april / in May / sailing date traded to be mixed in 697.5 dollars in June 725 dollars.

The CEO of trading company of a whole world weighs kuala lumpur, "The price of immediate lading is put in uncertainty, but privately owned buys the home to paying close attention to in January / in Feburary / in March sailing date, they anticipate the price will be higher than current level. They anticipate the price will be higher than current level..
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